Crucial FOUR will be attending the Addison Wellness Expo coming up on the second weekend in April.  Founder Charles Barber along with Dr. Michael Romine and other team members will be at the event showcasing a variety of Crucial FOUR products.  The team will have a premiere exhibitor booth located right at the front hallway of the event.  Admission is only $7 and we hope to see you there!


“We are excited for the opportunity to be part of the holistic health movement and attend one of the biggest health and wellness events in the DFW area.  Addison, Texas is our home and we are very proud to be a vendor at this year’s event”

 – Charles Barber, Founder


About the Addison Wellness Expo

The Addison Wellness Expo is a 2 day event being held from 11th April to the 12th April 2015 at the Addison Conference Centre in Addison, USA. This event showcases products like jewelry, crystals and wands, aromatherapy products, health products and many more etc. in the Medical & Pharmaceutical, Ayurvedic & Herbal industries.  The Wellness Expo features a wellness/personal growth speaker series, over 100 exhibitors, and a resource center. Addison has been producing the Wellness Expo since 1994, and is happy to announce that the Town of Addison now lists the Wellness Expo as an “Addison Special Event” on their calendar, web site, and promotional materials. The Wellness Expo has had over 1600 health-conscious people attend. The attendees are extremely interested in holistic products and services. Many return the second day of the expo to visit and shop the entire day.


For more information please feel free to call (972) 925-9393, or visit

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