The food choices we make throughout the day, every day, can affect our short- and long-term health. We’re all trying to eat healthier, and for many of us that means reducing or eliminating processed and fried foods, cutting back on sugary foods and drinks, and trying to eat more fruits, vegetables and fish.


But there’s a missing element in today’s food chain, even one that includes plenty of healthy foods: nutrients. Nutrients are the fuel for our body. Unfortunately, modern farming and growing techniques have wiped out many of the natural nutrients in the foods we do eat. With genetically modified or chemically enhanced varieties of just about every plant and animal product we consume, few of the vital mancronutrients, micronutrients, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, coenzmes and phytochemicals remain. Bottom line: The quality nutrients we need for optimal physiological function are missing from the foods we eat.


That leaves supplements to take on a pretty heavy load. Rather than “supplementing” the nutrients we should be getting from our foods, these products are taking on more of the roles of food. Fortunately, there are still sources of nutrient dense plants and herbs around the world.


Crucial Four searches for and sources nutrient dense plants and herbs found in wild and as close to their original form as possible from all across the globe. Our focus is on bringing heirloom wild genetic varietals into our products. “Heirloom”, “wild genetic” are the key words. These are plants and herbs that have come from as close to their original source as possible, without hybrid mutations to adapt to different climates, or otherwise genetically or chemically modified. We have found heirloom wild genetic varietals to be the most nutritient dense products we can find, so small amounts pack a big nutritional punch.


What you can do: When it comes to taking your nutrition to the next level, look for nutrient-packed supplements or foods that are (1) Wild genetic, and/or(2) heirloom, and/or at the very least (3) organic so you can derive the best benefits from what you eat.


We’ll be exploring Nutrition in greater detail in this blog in the coming weeks, and spend some time analyzing the key herb and plant-based ingredients that are essential to good nutrition.

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