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mMagBicarb 3oz USP Magnesium Hydroxide

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mMagBIcarb is USP grade magnesium hydroxide that is tested at 99.9% purity (no fishy, metal taste). We source our magnesium from the Dead Sea where we also get our other magnesium products. 

mRelease Spray

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mRestore – MSM 1 lb


Organic Flu Bundle


Stop the bugs and virus’ in their tracks with our organic flu bundle. This product bundle was designed to take during the fall and winter seasons. When we find ourself getting exposed to nasty flu and sickening bugs this is the bundle you want in your medicine cabinet.


mVitaD3-  Vitamin d plays a major role in strengthening the bodies immune system.
mDetox-  help with prevention of the flu but also if you already have the flu it should lessen the symptoms.
mDefense –  Camu Camu one of the highest natural sources of vitamin c.
mImmune-  Chaga’s immune-bolstering effects come from the compounds known as beta-glucans. Beta-glucans modulate white blood cells which promotes a healthy immune system.
mProtector – Humic Acid- Mother Nature’s most powerful broad-spectrum antibiotic known to man

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