mBreakfast | Organic Superfood Powder | OnTheGo Sachets

mBreakfast Organic Superfood Powder| OnTheGo Sachets contain FOUR food groups missing from our modernized diet that contain the keys to reversing the metabolic epidemic in America. The nutrients found in these FOUR missing food groups help support your bodies natural ability to self-heal.

mBreakfast Organic Superfood Powder| OnTheGo Sachets, our flagship product, is an organic superfood base mixed with the FOUR missing classes of foods. mBreakfast contains 100’s of missing nutrients like neurotransmitters, rare antioxidants, growth hormones, prebiotics, alkaloids, saponins, beta glucans, and more!

These key missing nutrients are needed to combat nutritional deficiencies and the toxicity of our modern diets and lifestyle.

The FOUR missing food groups are Wild-heirloom-organic superior herbs, medicinal mushrooms, algaes, and biotic extracts that have been used as food and medicine for over 5000 years.

The Development of mBreakfast Organic Superfood Powder started 10 years ago. With a 5000 year old South American medicinal base formula, and 8 years of intensive wellness center practice with Medical Doctors and leading health experts. we now have the ultimate breakfast blend.

mBreakfast Organic Superfood Powder is a versatile and convenient powder that can be blended into any beverage, baked or simply added to oats, yogurt or granola.

Feel the difference that these essential FOUR missing food groups can make in your life. mBreakfast can be purchased online at crucialfour.com, or you can click the link below and get started right away.

Weight 1.6 oz
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