Food Problem in America

Over the past 50 years the nutrient density in our food has slowly dissipated due to industrialized farming.


A lot has happened to our food over the past 50 years.  In the 1800’s ninety percent of Americans lived on a farm.  Today only one percent of Americans live on a farm.  This has increased the farm model from 160 acres to over 500 plus acres and has led to the decline of variety in crops and we now have huge mega farms that monocrop one variety. Farmers today can grow two to three times as much grain, vegetables, fruit, corn, and soy on a plot of land as they could 50 years ago, however the nutritional quality of these crops are slowly degrading.  The minerals in both our food supply and our soil have been declining due to this industrial farming, not to mention our foods are now genetically modified and laced with pesticides and chemicals.   To get your recommended daily allowance of nutrients, you would have to eat much more than people did in the past.  This is why so many supplements and drugs have been introduced in our society, because most Americans are not getting the nutrients their bodies need.


Think of it this way.  You could compare this food epidemic and that less nutrition per calorie consumed is the same as monetary inflation.  We have more food, but it’s worth less in terms of nutritional value!


At Crucial FOUR we believe food and medicine are one in the same.  Adding supplements or fractionalized vitamins into your diet to make up for the loss of nutrition can be helpful, but it is NOT what we recommend.  After 9 years of R&D we have identified 4 missing food groups that we believe have the ability to deliver not only the essential micro and macro nutrients, but also a missing class of nutrients your body needs to thrive. These 4 missing food groups are wild, heirloom, and organic varieties sourced all over the world.


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